17 LinkedIn Profile Tips and 4 Mistakes to Avoid

We all know that having a great resume is a sure-fire way to land the maximum number of jobs interviews. This can be hard when you don’t have much job experience coming right out of college or only having just a few years of professional experience under your belt. But that’s no reason to give up on landing your dream job quickly. One tool that many companies are using to find their next employees is LinkedIn, and you should be on it.

What it is: LinkedIn is the equivalent of a large networking platform with resumes that offer a more significant spectrum of understanding of what you have to offer through several bonuses that won’t be found on a paper resume. It’s for business.

What it’s not: LinkedIn is not the place to post cute photos of your dog, your girl’s weekend, how epic your first date went, or your personal take on the politics trending online right now. It’s just for business.

Now with that out of the way, let’s get to business.

Creating a LinkedIn Profile

Use Your Full Name

If you have remarried or changed your name, you can also put a Former Name in there and make it visible to your network so that people who knew you before the name change can find you and identify that it was you if they don’t know your new name change.

Use a Clear and Professional Profile Photo

Get dressed like you would go to work at your dream job. Then find the side of a building with shade and stand about 1 foot from the wall. Try to find a very neutral or straightforward wall, like one made of brick. Then have a friend take a photo of the top 2/3rds of your body. Make sure it is focused and clear. Have them take 5–10 variations of them stepping back a little each time. Smile and look at the camera head-on. This should give you plenty of variety to choose from.

Then upload your headshot and crop it just to show your head and shoulders. Again it’s important that you smile and are looking at the camera to create a welcoming image for someone who is interested in hiring. Looking directly at the camera looks engaging, and that’s what you want people to do. You want them to be able to engage with them through your profile.

Pick a Nice, Clean Background

Make Your Headline Pack a Punch

Current Position


Location Preference

Let Yourself Shine in Your Summary

Email Matters

Websites and Blogs Highlights

Show Your Experience

If you don’t have much work experience to put you can put internships or any collegiate work you had even if you don’t consider it a real job. As long as you gained skills from it that you think employers would like, you should include it. For example, if you had a summer internship in a dentist office just filing paperwork, you could highlight your admin support skills, communication with clients, and ability to keep projects organized. There’s always a learning experience in everything.

Specially Select Skills for the Win

Reach Out to Contacts

If you don’t have a lot of work contacts, that’s ok. Find professors that you loved and connect with them. Find friends from college and high school that you have good relationships with as well. Then start reaching out to your current network at your job to build robust online relationships as well. It’s not ok to friend your boss on Facebook, but on LinkedIn, it’s encouraged.

Endorse Your Network

Share Articles Relevant to Your Industry

You can also create your own blogs and articles to share with your connections. This is a great way to show off your skills and knowledge of your industry.

Create Articles that Inspire, Inform and Edifies You

When you share these with your network and others share your articles it can land your name in front of the right people for the job you desire.

Now that we have covered the steps to a baller LinkedIn profile to land the job of your dreams, there are just a few last things to look and make sure are NOT in your profile.

Edit Your Profile Before Publishing

This program is also useful to use when you are writing a cover letter or any professional email. Your ability to write can impact how seriously someone takes you and be what causes a possible employer to pass you over. Grammarly offers a free version of their software so you can get some basic editing for your writing. They also offer a premium version that does a great job at catching all the little mistakes. Check it out, and try it. This is one software no professional should be without.

What to Avoid When Creating Your LinkedIn Profile

Buzzword Burnout

  1. Strategic
  2. Creative
  3. Specialised
  4. Leadership
  5. Passionate
  6. Experienced
  7. Focused
  8. Enthusiastic
  9. Expert
  10. Track record

Not that these words need to be avoided entirely, they just need to be used carefully and where they apply. Just because they are popular doesn’t mean you need to use them too. In fact, it’s best to find ones that apply to you and skip the rest. Employers who scan your profile and see 10 out of 10 of these will feel like your keyword stuffing. And if we’ve learned anything from Google that can really penalize your authenticity. Instead, if you find yourself drawn to these words try breaking out the thesaurus or just going to www.thesaurus.com.

Social Media Socialite

Share in Controversy

Using Articles as a Personal Blog

Just like you shouldn’t share, and like negative articles that are floating around, you shouldn’t be writing them either. You might have gotten burned at your last job or passed up for a desired and maybe deserved promotion, but that doesn’t mean this is the place to call people out. Remember, when people are looking to hire people they aren’t just looking at skills. More and more companies are looking for the right person with the right skills AND the right culture to fit into their companies. Exude a culture that people will want on their team.

Originally published at www.studentloandiet.com on August 17, 2018.

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